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Fast Courier to India from the USA

Based on the volumes of trade and the relations of persons from these two regions, a fast courier to India from the USA has become crucial. With the advancement of logistics and globalization, companies such as SHIPINDUS.COM have been born. We facilitate fast courier delivery to India for both personal and commercial purposes. With our door-to-door service and the ability to facilitate commercial shipments, you can trust that your packages will reach their destination in a timely manner.

What makes us stand out:

Express Delivery:

When courier shipment needs to be sent, it is alway required to arrive quickly. Most major asian and middle-eastern countries, we have our own network. For other countries, We have selected two best carriers who can deliver the document and shipments under 4 business days. We have done a lot of research on which carrier and what type of service is the best. Really on our expertise. You do not require to spend time on research.

Door-to-Door Service:

Our selected carriers offer door-to-door service. We can assist to have the documents or shipments picked-up from your home for additioanl fee. We understand, sometimes convenience is what you are looking for. Just message or call us, and we will take care of having UPS or DHL schedule pickup from your doorsteps and offcourse delivered at the doorsteps of your destination.

Customer Service:

We are available to help you courier your documents internationally. If this is the first time, we understand that you may call multiple times, and it is our pleasure to help you send out the courier with ease;

Document Courier Shipment Rate to India

Send 0.5 LBS document to India for $25.0
Send 1.0 LBS document to Indiafor $30.0

Good News - we are glad to annouce our new product exclusively for international document with UPS and DHL service. Download UPS and DHL labels for discounted price at We are here to help you save money on international document shipment. Check us out.

Non-Document Courier Shipment Rate to India

Send 1 LB to India for $6.99
Send 2 LB to India for $6.99
Send 3 LB to India for $6.99
Send 4 LB to India for $6.99
Send 5 LB to India for $6.99

Where to Locate Fast Courier Delivery to India

Where to find fast courier delivery to India is a frequently asked question. Not many reputable online courier services offer Economical Courier shipping from USA to India. We have taken it upon ourselves to link these two cultures that are on opposite sides of the globe. We have sought to retain the culture by ensuring a fast courier to India from the USA to the delight of intended recipients. Our specialization in providing Secure Courier service from USA to India retains the culture of a typical American dispatch by harnessing UPS locations as drop-off points. On the opposite side fast courier delivery to India is done on a door-to-door basis. You can enjoy the convenience of this arrangement from your location and delivered directly to the recipients doorstep.In India we deliver to most major cities including but not limited to Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hydrabad, Cochin, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad

Find the Best Fast Courier to India from the USA

we are touted as the best fast courier to India from the USA considering several factors. Firstly, reliability and promptness are our hallmarks. You do not have to look elsewhere for a courier service that has a track record of delivering packages quickly and securely. Next is our reasonable cost of the service. We leverage economies of scale to offer competitive rates, allowing you to save money while still enjoying a fast courier to India from the USA. Take the time to compare different options and L15 see our service meets your specific needs and budget. We are also backed by digital technology and innovation to achieve the challenge of fast courier delivery to India. By running an online subscription service we are able to facilitate commercial and non-commercial shipments. You can rely on our expertise to deliver your Best Courier service shipment from USA to India quickly and securely to family, friends, clients, institutions, resellers, and so forth. Whether shipping components, gifts, samples, spare parts, electronics, artifacts, stocks, or supplies fast courier to India from the USA is now easier than ever. Do not wait any longer, get a quote online to your package today, dispatch it, and start tracking its delivery.

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